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Welcome to joinShenzhen Tianzhihui Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianzhihui")!
Your arrival has added another vitality to our company!
Tianzhihui is a team full of ideals and passion, always paying attention to the personal career development of all employees, and sparing no effort to create conditions for their progress and improvement. We believe that Tianzhihui will be the best stage for your personal development and realization of your life ideals, and your diligence, wisdom, and sense of responsibility will also promote the development and growth of Tianzhihui.
Tianzhihui requires every member to be able to distinguish between public and private, manage themselves, and restrain themselves, providing customers with high-quality, efficient, and satisfactory services, and creating a good reputation for the company. I hope you can identify with the values upheld by Tian Zhihui based on the needs of survival and development, and approach your work with the courage of marathon running in your future career, facing every challenge and test.
We look forward to seeing you showcase your talents here, work happily in the company, and grow together with Tian Zhihui!
Job requirements
Job requirements
We offer job opportunities in China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Mexico, and the United States. We welcome any talent with industry backgrounds in consumer electronics, semiconductors, manufacturing, automation, new energy, and functional backgrounds in mechanical, software development, electronic engineering, testing, supplier management, quality engineering management, and project management to join us.

Our general standards are:
Having experience in software, electronics, machinery, industry, automotive, automation, reliability, quality engineering, and familiar with production environments and processes;
Having experience in advanced manufacturing industries, such as electronics, semiconductors, automobiles, automation, etc;
● Mature experience in testing or production results;
● Understand quality engineering management or reliability testing, etc;
Leadership, project management, and team management skills;
Be able to interpret technical drawings;
Familiar with common engineering tools and design software in the corresponding field;
● Strong ability to detect and solve problems;
Able to work independently;
Fluent English listening and speaking skills;
Proficient in OFFICE office software;
Having excellent communication and self stress management skills;
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Shenzhen Tianzhihui Engineering Technology Co., Ltd
Tel: (86) 0755-33525952
Address: 5th Floor, Building A, Hongfa Science and Technology Park, Tangtou Road Intersection, Shiyan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
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